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and is it important to redecorate from time to time, or is it fine for you as it is?  

Or if you have more than one place please discuss the one you are in the most.

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This is my family's home. So Mom initially decorated it. I have changed some things slightly to please myself. It will continue to evolve to please my taste in decor. Do not believe in professional decorators at all! Too impersonal!

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It's not decorated- I want an interior decorator 

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My wife.  I don't really call it decorated.  Filled is a better term.  It is stuff that we like and have acquired over the years.

And it is fine the way it is.

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That is what matters.

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I do my home.  It's mostly in muted earth-tone colors - greens, burnt sienna, blue.    My bedroom is Sea Glass and black. Bathroom is beige with yellowy undertones, accented in purple, teal, fushia.   I need to get out more maybe.


No it sounds good.


Thank you :)

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I do, for I have exquisite taste in fashion, style and colors.

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