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When you meet someone in real life, this isn't a problem, but why is it, if a communication begins online that sometimes only one person asks questions and the other answers.

I prefer a give and take, so the communication is a two way street.  Why is this not understood sometimes?

Time is simply how we live our lives-Craig Sager

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3 Answers

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Communication should work both ways, but sometimes if one person isn't engaging in such a manner, perhaps they are distracted, disinterested, shy, or just not a very good conversationalist.   If it's an ongoing issue, it sounds like it might be disinterest or multitasking distraction.
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Everyone I have met online and corresponded with was different.  Some did not react to questions I asked even if I had to ask them a second time. lol.  I had a lot of opportunity and weeded out the ones who didn't want to actually exchange information, not necessarily too personal, maybe just hobbies, life in their area lol.  If they didn't ask  me much I would take that as they were not interested and then we parted communication.  Its always a 2 way street to be successful;)

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It depends, common interests etc. The 2 true online friendships did morph into a real friendship.  One turned into an affair, encounter whatever.

Real life is like online however more guarded online.  We are the same people, same desires except less

shielded in our anonymity.  Our desires are out there, sorry.

When we meet in person it is a real thing, and a confirmation of our instincts - a rationalization maybe.  Our souls are bared, so if the product meets the filters, sexuality does occur in my experience.  That is we have already done the bar talk, let us play hide the wienie - both times wonderful.

CG - we wish for the best for you.  The Doc also wishes you have a 100 condom week, with 3 days w/o.  May you be ready for the back side, we were.

“Better a true enemy than a false friend.”

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