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That no one else knows? Or, the one's that know don't care. Or, you find weird.

1. I'm double jointed.

2. I sleep talk sometimes. : /

3. I find joy in throwing things.

“Sometimes the questions are complicated and the answers are simple.” ― Dr. Seuss

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hahah your #3 is great. 

1. I have had Bell's Palsey for over 29 years.  Most people don't know, because I have learned how to position my mouth, eyes, face in such a way that you wouldn't know unless I told you.  

2. I am considering Botox shots for the BP.

3. I can be very abrasive and blunt but I am very sensitive, and sometimes my feelings get hurt easily.  Too easily in my opinion.

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Thanks. The feeling of chucking something just to see it break, well, it just feels good.


Oh, as a fellow thrower, I can completely relate.  :)


I'm sad you have BP. In some of the pics you've randomly shared, you're right, I did not know. If botox will help, do it.


Thank you very much, EJ.  You're so thoughtful and kind.  And yes, I think I will be going for it.


I like to shoot clay pigeons for the same reason.  Its fun to break things.


My dad and I used to do that when I was in high school.  Skeet shooting?  Something like that.


Trap.  Sweet is much harder.  I find it frustrating.  I don't get to break many.  I do much better at trap.


Skeet shooting is very difficult, and I sucked at it.  I haven't tried trap.  Not sure I have heard of that.  Just Googled it.  That doesn't look as if it would be much easier for me.


Trap is easier than Skeet or Target Clays.  I shoot all three and am decent. 

I do know a few folks who are in the 200 club at all 3.  200 clubs is break 200 or more in a row. One was an Olympic team alternate, most unassuming man I have ever met.  He had a quiet confidence which was scary


Lol.  Yes trap is easier, that's why I do it.  I am not good.  Very little hand to eye coordination.  I am probably in the 5 club. 


Wellone I suspect you are better than that, much better. 

Last Saturday I shot 3 rounds of trap, 2 skeet 21, 23, 23 Trap; 20 & 21 Skeet  I used to shoot regularly on a league, however it is hard finding the time now.

My favorite Field Guns are my Weatherbys (12, 20 & 28), which I was shooting this weekend in 20, light load

My favorite League gun is a Perazzi Skeet  in both 12 & 20


My favorite gun is an italian side by side.  But I cannot anything with it.  But I love side by side double barrels.  The only one I can hit anything with is the Remington 1100 auto.  I have a 12 and 20 guage. 

I mostly shoot in my back yard.  Clubs are like golf clubs.  Much to serious about something trivial.  I like it to go hang and see the clay get powdered but if it just goes bang, it's not the end of the world.


My dad belonged to the club, and I worked there for a summer.  You're right - several of them were just far too serious and many of them rude until they found out who my dad was.  I remember that really struck me as odd since he was not the owner or anyone with a title.  The strangest people though, and thankfully it was only one summer that I worked there.  Although it was fun doing something with my dad for a change.


I met a woman on the range once who was trying to learn how to shoot.  So I taught her.  She claimed that her husband and friends would not help her because women didn't need to know how.  It is or was very much a guys club.

We had several women at ours.  They appeared more serious and grumpy than some of the men.  If a past time makes someone that  uptight, they should probably find another past time.  

Well one side by sides, you would love my second gun safe Stateside.  Most are from Dad who was a master at doubles.  200 Club - skeet, trap, and target clays

A couple of Japanese made Browning's, 311 Savage 20, 12, LC Smith 12, Purdy 12, and a Winchester 21. There are a few others that my dad also had, the 311's are my favorite.  I have bagged more game with my old 311 20

I prefer a club because I can shoot all 3 in a day.  I also reload.  What do you use for a thrower?


At my club in MN the Membership is approximately 40% women.  We have a waiting list of 2,000 people male and female.  My oldest daughter shoots there at least once a week.

They have trap, skeet, rifle (100, 200, 300), pistol 25, 50, 100.  And an unadvertised combat range - we train Cops there.

The majority of these women are better than decent shots, shotgun, pistol & rifle.


I have a manually cocked spring powered thrower that attaches to the trailer receiver hitch on my jeep.  It has a comfortable seat for the operator and the jeep keeps it well anchored.  I might get an electric thrower so I can do it alone instead of finding someone.


Wellone I may have a solution.  My Brother in law in Mn is selling a lot of gear including  3 electric throwers.  If so will send you the details.......



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1. Insomniac

2, Took ballet

3. Drama school

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I still think of pluto as a planet, because that's how I learned them

Most people don't know I'm vegetarian ( but not vegan )

I've broken the same toe three times lol

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1. I size up every room I enter for Danger - who do I kill 1st

2. No one is a friend, always a potential betrayer

3. I have no problems killing, it does not bother me if it is legally sanctioned

“Better a true enemy than a false friend.”

answered by (2,807,140 points)

I freak out to just hold a hunting gun in my hands, always afraid it would fire LOL
I always look around the room to see if there are any pleasant people I can chat with|
I think I would prefer to be killed rather than killing someone, I don't think I would ever be able to kill another human being.
I see most people as friendly and trusting.


Ana I like your way of thinking.  My habits are from years of training and experience which has served me well.  When I am in civilization, I tend to put these habits in a nice quiet closet in my mind.


Yeah, I know that about you, but isn't it sad what happens to men who are sent to wars ? I wish there was never a war and there would never be one. I always fear for my grandsons that they will get drafted and die fighting. They are such lovely intelligent young men. There have been billions of lovely intelligent men in the past who died that way, how sad is that. How many tears have mothers shed ? Probably as many as the water in the Texas floods, for sure.


Ana, I think mothers have cried Oceans of tears, making the floods of Houston seem small by comparison.  We will never stop war, however by being prepared we can prevent them in most cases.  By prevention we will prevent a mothers tears.

You are in Canada where I do not believe there will be another draft in our lifetime.  I hope this is the case.

The horrors in your old Homeland could have been prevented.  The siege of Sarajevo would have never happened.  The massacres and mass graves never would have been.  Those still give me nightmares

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I enjoy fishing.

I am more of an introvert but I don't have a problem going out.

"I ain't a killer but don't push me, revenge is like the sweetest joy next to getting p......"

"He who is not courageous enough to take risks will accomplish nothing in life." - Muhammad Ali

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love hard

Time is simply how we live our lives-Craig Sager

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I sometimes cry in my sleep, its more like sobbing
That I am really a shy person deep down
That I am considered brave but I am actually scared a lot too

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1. On my left foot, the middle toe sometimes goes completely numb, and I have no idea why.

2. I often have the urge to leave everything and start over (taking my partner with me.) 

3. I'm in the habit of calling my my mom, Mor (Danish word) because that's what she taught us. I didn't start calling her Mom to other people for quite a few years.

"I'll make sure to sin in as many entertaining ways as possible before I die." - Sheogorath

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I struggled with the urge to leave everything for years. Only now am I happy with staying put and dealing with life.

The toe numbness, I would get that when I wore stilettos but, I'm betting that's not why yours is numb : )


Yeah, I think I might be missing some stability. Or maybe I just need a holiday lol

I've never been much one for stilettos,  but I'm sure I would look great in them ;)

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I hate listening to the news.

Top of my left thumb is always numb.

I don't like talking on the phone but that doesn't mean I don't want to talk to them.

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I like you, do not like listening to the news and I really do not like phones and I deeply feel the same about just because I don't like talking on the phone doesn't mean I don't like you.

I (you) am deeper than a phone conversation. Please [person], get it and keep loving me even though...

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