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If I tell you about what happened between my SO and myself,

+4 votes

Does that give you right to tell others about what happened between my SO and myself? 

asked Sep 2 in Friendship by visitor6785 (91,680 points)

7 Answers

+1 vote

No, especially if it was told in confidence.

Smart people only believe half of what they hear. Smarter people know which half to believe.

answered Sep 2 by lavender (3,063,890 points)
+1 vote

No, it was said in confidence.  Some people I know would blab it all over town

“Better a true enemy than a false friend.”

answered Sep 2 by Archerchef (2,045,220 points)
+1 vote

No, my friends know if they tell me something personal, I am the WALL!  It never goes past me and my wall!

answered Sep 2 by Cinders717 (4,036,980 points)
+1 vote

No  off  course  not. 

Why  would  you  tell  one  who  gossips  about  others .?..hmmm did  you  really  want  others to  know  your  personal  business ??,, we all  should  be  careful  who  we  chose to  confide  in ..

answered Sep 3 by Berri (83,050 points)
+1 vote

Nope...but if you never told about it

They wouldn't have anything to repeat

answered Sep 4 by Boxer1 (265,040 points)
+1 vote

No. But it's easier to ask for forgiveness than ask for permission.

That thing you did. Do it again.

answered Sep 4 by Bluegenel (2,228,741 points)
+1 vote


answered Sep 6 by WOLF (709,790 points)
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