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If you are married, and you work with someone who has a child getting married, and you are invited, but your spouse wasn't, would you go?

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5 Answers

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Yes I'd go. At least to the ceremony to witness the wedding. Whether I went on to the reception would depend on venue and how far away it is. 

Usually, if it' a distance away, my husband and I would book a B & B or hotel, but on my own I'd want to come home.

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Yes.   My husband's co workers son was getting married, and my husband attended.  I had no interest because I didn't know any of them.  I would not have a problem doing the same.
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Never!  Anyone who invites a married person to their wedding without the normal tradition of inviting their spouse is just plain rude!

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Possibly. My wife has been to events like that without me and I typically do not care. Vice versa with her.

Not that big of a deal.

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I sure do. Couples don't have to do everything together. There are differences in what they are interested in.

Besides he probably doesn't know the woman you work with, nor her daughter.

Some guys don't like going to weddings. I understand why.

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