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I would rather just go with family and friends somewhere special. Its not that I am unsociable, its that I hate being fussed over. Is that odd?  And I would hate to speak as I can be shy. My sister had a party with about 100 people from work.  Not for me. You?

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No. When I left my job, I told my husband and co workers no party, no lunch, no nothing.   I don't like that kind of attention, it's not for me, because I am an introvert.  My dad on the otherhand had huge shindig in one of the rooms at the college he graduated from.  He was Mr Extrovert.   
You have to do what is comfortable for you, and there is nothing wrong or weird about it.

Thank you!  I am much like you in that sense. 

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I'm with you. No way would I want all that fuss about retirement!  When I quit a bad job my friends and I went out for drinks and had a great old time.  Something like that would suit me better;)

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I do not like the attention, however when I retire I know an event will be planned.  I will put on my Corporate Face and Schmoose.  Those close will have a private round of Cocktails on my Expense Report the week before I exit.

I have tried to retire early twice before and have been blocked so to speak.  Doc and I are talking about pulling the plug in about 3 years when her contract is up and so is mine...... we will see if there is a party. 

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Sounds nice. 

I had people at work asking me not to go. But Im not happy there. I will visit, keep in touch with some closer ones. 


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You sound like you were raised the same as I was.  We didn't look for attention, but would rather be with family.

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I told my supervisor I did not want a retirement party, but appreciated the thought.

Her response.  I’m having one for you.  You can go or not.  She wanted to look good.  I retired when I did mostly because of her.

She was transferred out three monhs later.

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A main part of the reason I am retiring is because of the principal.  I can say that the morale of the school is very low and we are unhappy. Many have transferred to other schools because of her. 


Very similar situation where I worked though a hospital, not a school.  Very poor morale, not just our department.  Many years have elapsed since this occurred, but 2 people in one department committed suicide because of management.

I’m glad you retired.  I sometimes miss the patients, doctors and some remaining coworkers but management just cared about money and image.


I havent retired yet. It will be at the end of Jan, so effective 2/1/18 I will then be retired. I wanted to wait until I was about or almost 65--but because of the school issues I am going in sooner than that. Why wait--I want to go while I can still dance and enjoy life. 

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When I left teaching, there was a political tussle going on, and the administration had been unhappy with me over my work as the Grievance Chairperson in the district for the last few years before my retirement.  I had represented a bunch of teachers, and I never lost a single grievance.  The last two years, I gave up that position, and apparently the administration saw that as time for "payback."  

In the end, the principal trumped up a letter to place in my permanent file.  Upon my retirement, the district presented me (and the other retirees) with a plaque for service.  I told the principal that if she really wanted to honor me, she could remove that ridiculous letter from my file now that I wouldn't be there to challenge them any longer.  She said no.  The plaque remains unopened in my office here at home.

I did not go to the Retirement Dinner the district held for us retirees.  Instead, I visited my sister in Connecticut that weekend.

I loved teaching; I loved the kids; I hated the administrivia.

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I will tell you something that happened to me. A few weeks ago, we had teacher-parent conferences. It was early afternoon, the kids had left at 1:00, and we had one parent show at 1:10 or so, left, and we were required to leave at 2:40, the usual time for this grade. I was not well, and being we were done with conferences, the teacher I work with told me why not ask to leave as we were done and I wasn't feeling well?  I later asked the principal in the main office, and she told me she would put in that I took a half day. From 8:10 to 1:40, which is when I left, she considered it a half day for me.  One teacher, a union rep,  happened to be in the office and overheard, and new this was wrong. She advised me to go to the union president and let her know.  A few days later, my half day was given back to me.  The principal had taken it away the same day I asked.  When it was given back to me, she walked up to me in the afternoon and said it was the principal's prerogative to decide when to take away a half day. The thing is, many teachers had told me she has not been equal to all in that respect. She has given others a half day freely with no problem.  And that is besides the point-- half day would really mean I left at about 10:30 or so.  I had had proof I had gone to the doctor and had told this to the union president, who had been the one to call her. She told me that the principal "had agreed" to give me back the day after she had called her that morning. 



Your retirement will be well deserved.  Sorry you have had to tolerate all this.

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I actually would not have minded a party.  

But I got fired before I could retire.  So, it was sneak out of the place quietly.

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A half year before I retired, I was split up from my group of many years and was in a new group. The new group said that since I was new in the group, there would be no retirement party for me.

Because the secretary of my former group  failed to notify all the  40 members or so  of my retirement, many did not know of it.

As a result, about 20 people showed up at the retirement dinner instead of about 40.

However I did receive about $ 100 in gift certificates for department stores and some cash from my former group.

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Sorry that happened to you. At least you were happy to have a party, despite all.


Yes  I agree and I appreciate your comment. Thank you Amy.



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Well, I do not want one with all co-workers but I wouldn't mind something with family only. I prefer close people in my circle.

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Thats what I am planning, King313.

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