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2011 flying alone to the UK.

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4 Answers

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Witnessing the birth of my 3 children.

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Cinders I have had many adventures, my time in the Corps was an adventure. Probably biggest non Military was backpacking in Patagonia 3 years ago.  If I knew how to upload a snap I would post a Picture

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Driving alone along the north eastern USA up to Maine and from there to Nova Scotia, CA. I was a tad afraid, but it was an adventure for sure. 

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Live is an adventure, but it has been said that an adventure is a poorly planned expedition.  Most of my expeditions are pretty poorly planned .

But some of the top ones were:

Getting drafted into the army.  3 years but I mostly survived.

Motorcycle trip around Europe, North Africa, and Scandinavia.  6 months.  Camping trip,  rain snow, equipment failure.  A true adventure.

Hiking the kings trail in Sweden .  A month overland from 150 miles above the arctic circle to just below the arctic circle in fall.  Good planning and you can do it in a week, two at the outside.

Motorbike trip from SLC to MY with a 3 week side trip to Germany and back.  This was probably the best planned expedition that I did.  Almost nothing went wrong.  Also my last great motorbike trip.

Car trip from SLC to Inuvik NWT Canada.  9 weeks.  Similar to the motorbike trip around Europe, but with more rain and less time.

Trekking to base camp in nepal.  4 weeks.  It takes 3 weeks of up hill hiking, camping in the cold and rain, eating whatever.  I tried not to ask, although the Yak was pretty good.  Only a week to get out.  Several weeks back home to get health again.

A couple of years ago I did a month road trip around Iceland but it was really planned by someone else.

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All I can say is, WOW. You are a trekker at heart. 


Lol.  Work was never a high priority to me.  I would save my vacation for a couple of years and then take several weeks off without pay.  Most companies will let you do that.  They don't like it much and it isn't a good way to get promoted, but I only worked to plan my next trip.  I was actually in Nepal 3 times, longer each time.  

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