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in Just For Fun by (505,940 points)

5 Answers

+1 vote

"Keep hands to self and stop insulting people...hahaha  and then have a good laugh at those resolutions."


We would have to tie those little hands up tight and tape his mouth shut lol :)



+1 vote

Watch less tv.

Drink less Diet Coke.

Tweet less.

Read a history book, any book.

Go to a security briefing.

Pardon Jared.

Ignore North Korea

Fire Tillerson

Resign before 2018 elections.

by (1,633,530 points)
+2 votes

Sea-Bond Denture Adhesive Seals. Fresh Mint  :)

by (326,390 points)
+1 vote

- Fire more staff.

- Alienate America more on the world stage.

- Continue undoing everything Obama did for no good reason.

- Talk more crap.

- Grab more pussy.

- Continue believing your own press.

- Appoint TrumpyBear as Vice President, if you haven't already.

- Whatever you're smoking, stop it.

by (4,338,671 points)
+1 vote

1. Resign

2. Check into a 12 step program for Twitter addicts

3. Learn how to read

4. Change hairstyle

5. Apologize to everyone I've insulted and/or wronged

6. Stop cheating people

7. Start eating healthier

8. Practice thinking about something besides myself, my ego and my bank account

9. Go to sensitivity training and learn how to stop being racist and misogynist

10. Tell Hillary and Obama that they are the best things since chunky peanut butter

by (2,506,730 points)
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