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The head of US intelligence has said that he did not mean to disrespect President Donald Trump with his "awkward response" on hearing the news that he had invited Russian leader Vladimir Putin to visit Washington.


Just Relax and have Fun with it.

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4 Answers

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Trump is a toxic narcissist, he craves chaos and destruction. This is evident in the way he has chucked out anything that the previous president has done. He will also get enraged when he feels even the slightest slight from someone and he feels like he has to destroy that person. He was most likely brought up by a narcissist who he couldn't compete with and always felt the loser... that's why the win at all cost is Trumps M.O. and when he loses as he has done with multiple buisness disasters he blames everyone else because they are so inferior to him.

He is a master at gaslighting as can be observed by watching his supporters.

Facist are toxic narcissist he is no different 

We have met the enemy and he is us.

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I find it very odd that he is inviting him over. First president ever who has done this. We have never been friends with, and should not be friends with Russia.   Trump's  "let's be friends with everyone" act is a coverup for God knows  what else.   As for his ego--it's more like insecurity, because he knows just how unintelligent he is, and if he finds anyone else is a lot smarter, which is pretty much all of the time, then he gets frustrated and has a tantrum.

The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing.       -Socrates

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Trump has a great sense of humor and regularly laughs at himself, one of my favorites was when asked what his code name should be and he laughed and said “humble.” 

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He is a bit of a joke. I'll give you that much.

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What GB said. "Toxic narcissist" is a perfect phrase.

Trump has no sense of humor (unless he's laughing at his own jokes,) he is unable or unwilling to admit he's ever wrong about anything, and he has zero intellectual curiosity or desire to learn anything, because he thinks he already knows it all. To emotionally stunted people like him, the entire universe revolves around themselves and they become angry, defensive and abusive when other people don't understand that "fact." Notice how he is using the office of president to take revenge on all the people he thinks were mean to him - for instance, trying to erase Obama's legacy because Obama told a joke about him at the WH Correspondence Dinner a few years back. 

History is not going to look back kindly on the US for foisting this mentally unstable,  tin-pot-dictator-wannabe on the globe. 

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