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Advice will be given to buisness and households on planning, EG stocking up on tinned goods and medicines.

What happens to the low paid living in relative poverty who can barley afford a weeks worth of groceries? .

This is enough to make you swear.

We have met the enemy and he is us.

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2 Answers

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Good old Raab will sort it out.

Just Relax and have Fun with it.

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Do most Brits want Brexit? What would it mean to be apart from the European Union for them?  Are there some advantages as well as disadvantages? 

The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing.       -Socrates

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There was a referendum and leave won 52% to 48% so only just over half want it. They claim they want to take back their borders their money and their laws.

The EU has four non negotiable freedoms and the UK want to pick and choose. 

So imagine you were a member of a tennis club and you said you didn't want to pay a membership fee any more but you would still like to receive the benefits of membership.  Well that's Brexit.

All government impact analysis shows that the UK will be worst off outside the EU with job losers and a reduction in GDP.

Then there is financial passporting and medicines, we get our cancer meds from the EU for example.

Then there is a border question between Ireland, the north of Ireland and the UK.

It's all very complicated and there is loads and loads that I could go into here but these are the basics.

We had that referendum 2 1/2 years ago and we are no further along with negotiations since. We leave in March 2019 and if we don't get a deal we crash out with no preperations...a state of Emergency says the government 


It sounds more complicated than what I imagined.  I guess they are still making plans about how to go about doing it and what would be best for all the people living in the UK.  Who would make the final decision, and are people included in the decision for it at all? 


The UK parliament will make the final decision but there are an increasing number calling for a referendum on the deal and let the people decide if they want to accept it.

It's all very much up in the air and a waiting game to see what the government come up with.


I agree that the people need to decide to see what's best for them.  Hopefully most are aware of the consequences for this and vote wisely. 


Hopefully...but I'm not holding my breath 

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