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+2 votes

So now we know 

Hillary Clinton colluded with the Russians to create the steel dossier to increase her chances of winning the election 

Strzok gives the dossier he knows is collusion between Russia and Clinton to positively effect the election for Clinton, lies to the court and says its from an FBI investigation which he knows the information in it has already been discredited and false all to open an investigation on Trump for collusion with Russia

This is during the time Strzok sends a text message to fbi attorneys we will stop trump which he claims was just talking to a mistress about his personal political opinions, and at the same time he gets on his personal computer to change the FBI report on the Hillary Clinton investigation so that it no longer includes the facts that amount to criminal activity.

So now we know- Hillary Clinton and the FBI colluded with the Russians to impact the election- that’s established.  

Is there any punishment for collusion with Russia to impact elections?  Both the FBI and Clinton acted like it was a big deal, but now that it’s out they’re the ones that did it- do you think it’s going to be chalked up to “it’s not a big deal?”

What about lying to the court, Any punishment for that?  What about lying to the court for the sole purpose to illegally spy on a citizen?  All good in America?  Isn’t that the whole discgrace of Nixon, but Obama now confirmed to have done the same- no biggie, just something people in the 70s thought mattered?

asked in Entertainment by (341,140 points)

3 Answers

+2 votes

Good dreams lastnight?

You should be careful of what you smoke before going to bed.

answered by (1,109,610 points)

Guess you didn’t read the news yet.


I have read the news.  None of your opium dream is anywhere to be found.

+1 vote

As good old Trumpy Baby would say... Fake News.

Just Relax and have Fun with it.

answered by (3,177,541 points)
+2 votes
So now we know.....the word "reality" has no meaning for you. 
answered by (1,786,120 points)

You're living in a dream world Neo.


Anyone got a red pill for Neo today? Where's Morpheus when you need him????

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