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What if this friend kept relaying updates on your ex to you? Do you think it is wrong to be honest with this friend that you want to start fresh and disassociate yourself? I've only met this person twice, so I do not really know him too well. 

What do you think is the correct approach?
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3 Answers

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Honesty is always the best way forward. Do you think this guy is interested in you and it's his clumsy way of trying to keep your attention? It's not a far fetched suggestion as my first husbands mate made a move on me 2,weeks after we split 

If you see me jogging, kill whatever is chasing me

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Glasgowbelle, funny you mention that because I have been getting the feeling that this person is trying to take advantage of the situation because I feel that he does have an interest in me by some of the things he messages me. A lot of things are a little odd about the situation. I agree that honesty is the best way, and I was honest and I told him respectfully that I removed him from my facebook and I was honest about the reason and told him it is nothing personal, it was nice to meet him the two times we met and to take care. He got upset, which was odd to me. 


It was my first thought the moment I read your Q, I don't have any advice though because I just found my experience creepy.

It is a bit creepy! Thank you for responding :)
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Only if you're interested in him.  Otherwise I'd cut him off.  Either he's chasing you or he's keeping track of you for the ex.

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I agree, thanks!

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I would stay connected to this person if I truly enjoyed interacting with him. But I would not hesitate to inform him that my what my ex is doing doesn't interest me and to please stop the updates. Be honest - tell him what you told us - that you want to put him behind you and move on.

If you don't enjoy interacting with this person, you might want to let him know that you'd prefer to cut off all contact with him, since you no longer have your ex in common. If that's too awkward for you, just ignore him and he'll go away. Or block him from contacting you, if you can.

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Great advice, thank you. I absolutley agree with cutting off contact, but I will admit I am a softie and I easily feel bad at times when I have nothing to feel bad for. Just wanted to make sure I was not being crazy or immature for feeling that cutting off contact is the best option. Thank you :) I need to quit caring so much what other people think lol.

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