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Just Relax and have Fun with it.

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During the run up to the independence referendum in '14 Labour party members called Scottish elderly and told them that their pension would  stop on the 19th September if Scotland voted YES, scared them into voting no. Do they sound like the kind of people who can be trusted to govern over us? 

Corbyn is a protest he is not PM material, sorry rUK your all screwed.

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Every time I look into this Corbyn seems to be the only guy coming up with any solutions for how to handle an absolutely fuxked situation while every other politician is happy to sit on their hands and insist everything is fine up until the very point Brexit fucks them over.

 It is disappointing to see he isn't in support of a referendum to stay in the EU, but considering the majority of the country voted to get out they kinda tied his hands there.

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The SNP have been offering solution and suggestions from day 1 and have been ignored, disrespected and ridiculed. This is England's Brexit, this is England's mess and Jeremy Corbyn has no more ideas than May.

Corbyn has spent his political career advocating we come out of EU, Corbyn is the biggest Brexiteer out there,  he has been against it since the start in the 70's.

He also supports a free Palestine state and a unified Ireland but is 100% against Scottish self determination.

He has spent his entire career on a protest, he has neither the smarts or the experience to govern. And he is a British Nationalist and Unionist. 

He is old school, we have fresh new talent, progressive social democrats, we need to put these career politicians out to grass.

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