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Happy birthday Wolf!! 

   I share a birthday with Jeff Goldblum and Catherine Denueve (spelling?) Enjoy.  (_)> 

by (1,023,700 points)

Thank you Amy. Catherine Deneuve is an adorable sexy lady.

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Happy Birthday, Wolf.

Kim was great in Vertigo. A good creepy Hitchcock film!

by (2,425,430 points)

Thank you JP. I have seen Vertigo originally and several times on TV. I wish I could have met her on her birthday so that I could kiss and hug her.

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Happy Birthday! Have a good one.

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Wish you a very happy birthday !! 

by (325,080 points)
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Happy Birthday!

by (1,189,840 points)
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Happy birthday! Hope you did something fun to celebrate :)

by (73,450 points)

Thank you. Unfortunately it was just another day for me.


Aww, I know what that's like. *virtual hug* Your birthday is a special day all the same. :) 

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Happy Birthday Wolf, glad to see you are surviving NYC's weird weather this year

by (2,879,760 points)

Thank  you.

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