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I honestly feel humiliated rn. So embarrassed, I lost there i admit it. Im not used to losing fights. And in this manner, of a head dunk into custard infront of alot of people. I coudnt stop coughing when let up so didnt fight back and didnt put up enough of a fight i sort of stayed still when i was under the custard i was stunned. And i still am

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3 Answers

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Why was there custard and apples at a party? What kind of party was this?

by (213,070 points)

Was a fancy dress party, it was my friends party and they didnt want water and apples party game, so she just used custard instead


Might i ask why did you put a question up about it


Ok, let's start from the top so I understand correctly.

You were invited to your friend's fancy party. There was a boy you liked that was there. A mean (midget) girl in trainers (aka sneakers) was making fun of you. This obviously was not the first time she was making fun of you. So it upset you to see her trying to talk to the boy you like. You walked over to her to confront her because you are a tough girl. She poked fun at your post toe sandals, so you grabbed her...but she ended up stomping on your foot because of the shoe attire difference...so you lost your grip, and in an unfortunate turn of events she ended up grabbing you and dunking your head into the custard. Therefore, embarassing you in front of everyone (the girl that is known to be tough). Is this correct?


Yes i guess so. How embarrassed should i be 1/10? If it was you?

I would be pretty embarrassed, but there's really nothing you could do now accept try to be a better person and stay out of trouble.

Does it mean im not tough anymore? Everyone thinks its hilarious and im just so embarrassed. 


Learn to laugh at yourself. I mean, it is funny....but people will laugh more if they see you get upset over it, rather than laugh it off. 

Why do you find it funny, like seriously just why is it funnier then normal fight to you??

I wasn't there in person, but the way you wrote the story of what happened was very humorous. You may have a hidden talent there that you are unaware of...

The midget dunking your head in custard over the post toe sandal comment is really the funny part. Along with her wearing trainers...which, idk why she'd be making fun of your shoes when she was wearing sneakers to a dressy party?


Right so for you, me getting dunked in custard by a midget after her releasing herself from my grip by stomping on my toe was the funny part? Probably more embarrassing in person tbh, literally took in 3 or 4 moutfulls after telling her "drink up" argh


I am not saying the actual act of her doing it was funny, the way you said "midget dunked my head in custard" is funny. 

I am picturing a little person....ah nevermind. Lol.

I do apologize for laughing in the beginning in your original post. I, honest to God, thought it was a joke and not something that really happened. It sounds comical like something that would occur in a movie.

Now I am seeing that you are really embarrassed by this. 

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So... What did you learn from it? 

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Dont really know tbh, what do you think?


I think you should learn to wear sneakers next time.


And don't try to fight midgets. I'm not gonna lie...I'm 5'1 so that kind of hurt my feelings lol.


And one last thing...

Next time, go to a party that has beer and bongs..not custard and apples. 

Beer is A LOT better to get dunked into...just saying, from experience..


Im gonna get my revenge, ive heard all the "enjoy your drink/swim" off her all week, lets just see if she enjoys hers. 

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Good, that is good. Its always important to reflect on your behaviour. Its embarrassing but not terminal, so you'll be fine.

No need to be tough though, it doesn't get you anywhere, it should be enough for you to know that you can handle yourself if anyone tries to get tough with you. In fact, be like your dwarf, don't start anything just learn how to finish it.

by (3,115,530 points)

I guess, but being force fed custard by a girl you expected to own infront of all your friends aint too fun


Nope it's not, it's funny though, and you will laugh about it one day I promise. Stick around here and you will get to grips with our humour too so you won't feel attacked or dissed.


How embarrassed would you be? Worst part is i told her to "drink up" then she literally made me drink up. 


Haha come on it's funny, don't do that again, you'll be fine. See when you're my age, you'll be telling your pals howling with laughter...

Your ok, it'll pass.

I guessed you weren't from the US cause of trainers, where are you from? 


We're not laughing AT you, Molly... we're just laughing NEAR you...


Im gonna get my revenge, ive heard all the "enjoy your drink/swim" off her all week, let see if she enjoys hers haha

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