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So, obviously I like this guy and we really only very casually talked rarely and that was it. For me this somehow blossomed into a crush that I cant get over, this guy moved away and i havent seen or talked to him in 2 years he didnt move very far, but I dont see him at all. So OBVIOUSLY I am still crushing on him for some damn reason, unfortunately no one has come into my life in this time to get over him, so im still thinking about him...anyway I seen him on a social media site and was thinking about messaging him. Does this seem like a good idea or just insanely creepy and should not do that???  Keep in mind that it was very casual conversation like hi how are you and thats all it amounted to when I did see him cause I'm a nervous wreck. Anyway thanks for the help. Be brutally honest I can take it, and probably need it. 

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I will be brutally honest. Go for it, tell people how you feel. Life is short, and nowadays there seems to be a shortage of people risking their feelings in order to let someone else know how much they like them. Be the person who takes that chance. The worst that can happen is him not liking you back. So what? Then you will get to move on knowing that you were honest and tried. The guy doesn't always have to make the first move.

Good luck :)

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I don't see what harm there could be in just saying hello on social media. Just say, glad to find you here, been thinking about past friends and what they're up to, etc.  I think people nowadays worry too much about sounding like stalkers. I mean, its the internet,  and its advent has opened up avenues of communication. You're bound to run into lots of people you know. 

I have met many high school friends on FB that I had not heard from in years.

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You let someone know how you feel about them when the relationship reaches that level, which is normally after a long period of time. Would you tell a complete stranger your inner most feelings. Think about it. It's a risk at the end of the day. And there is a real risk this person will use it against you.

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Now play this one smart, very smart.  Contact him keep it casual, light and friendly.  See how he responds, see what he is up to if he responds.  Then play it cool, possible let's catch up for coffee/tea sometime.

Never come on full force strong until way later in the dance of mating and relating.  After 2 years he is a whole new date and person.  You are meeting him for the 1st time, two years later.  See where it goes.

BTW how far is not that far away?  Even if you think the distance is short you still could be Geopgraphically Undesireable

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It is creepy.  But thats the advantage of the internet and social media.  There is a delete button and it is easy to ignore someone.

Besides, you have nothing to lose.  You have not seen him or spoke to him in two years.  Worst that can happen is that he tells you to leave him alone.

Creepy, but you should do it.

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