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Should i get my revenge? So mutual friends want us to have another custard fight, but i am unsure whether or not to do it. Theyve said well go park and get a bucket of custard put it on table and first one whose head goes in loses. Seems a bit daft, but i want revenge. Shes up for it. 

Update, its on! Hope she enjoys "her drink", the little loser. Im ready :)

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7 Answers

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Leave this ego fight on the curb.  Going forward with it will only haunt you as you get older.  That is this stuff never stays buried, and in these times of data scrapping a future employer may hear of it.  Guess what it will Blackball you.

Yes your ego is screaming do it, your friends are cheering you on, and guess what you have to lie with the consequences; both in the present and the future.  This is the time to walk away and say nothing, do nothing.

You say you are not US based, the theme is custard so I will guess former Commonwealth possibly India.  If so remember the long memories.  Just saying, good luck

“Better a true enemy than a false friend.”

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Go for it. Wear cowboy boots just to be on the safer side. 

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Have a good old fashioned arm wrestle. That way foot wear won't be involved.

Then get some Apple pie for that custard. Hmmmm

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I suggest dueling pistoles at 20 paces.

Or naked mud wrestling.  It would be more fun to watch.


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Funny. Just washing my face getting all of the custard off, So find it to amusing right now. 


It is never too funny from the inside.  I bet everyone else thought it was pretty funny.  I would have paid for a seat.


Naked mud wrestling, now that would interesting.  Wellone you know you would have to be the Ref don't you


Lol.  I could be up for it.

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Seconds out. Ding Ding.

Life is what you make it.

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 Bets anyone?  Place your bets here!!

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I second wearing cowboy boots this time! And film it!!

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