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So after Saturday night hes been quieter, (since the first fight with J). But we had a good couple of days, hes kinda embarrased i lost the fight and I can tell. Now after todays round 2 with J he cant stop laughing, I dont know what to do about him? Humiliation x10, same mistakes again, shes unbelievably smug. 

in Relationships by (82,710 points)

7 Answers

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Laugh with him and shake it off.  Do not head down the road you want to, take the road you should.  J is still talking to you at this point. 

by (2,906,320 points)
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I think it's time you dunked his face into the custard. Show him what it's like to be in your shoes (or sandals in your case). 

by (324,820 points)

It happened again, at the park. I made the same mistakes and got dunked AGAIN


Have you contacted TV channels? This would make for a good reality TV show. 


Lmao did you wear your post toe sandals again?!?!

Do we need to make you a go fund me for some new trainers?

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Having always been a lover, and not a fighter, I have trouble relating to your story.

But it is clear that you are only about half as tough as you think you are.  And the guy, for some odd reason, values mean tough women.  And you are not looking so tough.

Personally, I do not understand why you want to be.  There are other, more desirable, traits in women.

Anyway, I would suggest that you go to a gym that teaches fighting.  Like cage fighting.  Learn a few moves and counter moves.  Then you can kick her ass and be the tough chick that you desire.

Or find better friends.

by (1,610,710 points)

Ive been dunked in custard by the little scruff twice and my rep is shot. 


It is true that those who don't learn from their mistakes, are doomed to repeat them.

Only idiots keep doing the same thing over and over, expecting different results.

You need to change something, I don't mean a different type of custard.  Maybe a wrestling coach could help. 

I still like the naked mud wrestling idea.

+3 votes

Go chop wood, do an elderly persons shopping, cut your neighbours grass, get a job you have far too much time on your hands and the devil is enjoying it 

by (3,115,530 points)

Cant believe she dunked me again, made the same mistakes. The custard was on the table i wait for her to turn around and rush her, have her over the bucket she goes to stomp foot again I get out of the way but as I do I stumble slightly she then manages to dunk me Again. So angry and frustrated & humiliated. 


What was wrong with the arm wrestle idea?

Well only one thing for it, you'll need to quit the tough girl act for your man and get into the sexy mode....

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I hope you're enjoying all the answers you're getting.  You won't get any more from me.  Fool me once...

Best wishes to you and the traveling custard show.

by (905,440 points)
+1 vote

Get some jello instead of custard LOL, make it interesting.

by (213,070 points)
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Tbh I cant blame him how do you even get a vat of custard? Hahahahha

by (15,410 points)
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