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We have been dating for a month now, but my new boyfriend seems reluctant to meet my friends but he dose talk to them on the phone sometimes but he dosent want to get into a long discussion with them because he said it is not not sure this is right or wrong or if he is up to something
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Red flag. If he isn't prepared to meet your friends and accept that they are in your life he may decide you don't need them either. Isolating is abuse that can escalate. A month isn't a long time, don't wait for more signs of abuse just get out now.
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At least he doesn't  see a dwarf behind her back.

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He may not like your friends. If that's not the case it seems a bit strange he is ok talking to them on the phone but doesn't want to meet them in person. If you continue with the relationship it's going to be restrictive because if you want to meet up with your friends you can't do that together. Not ideal.

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