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How many of you have done DNA testing; eg

23 and Me


What did you find out?  Were there any surprises? What is your biggest fear?

I have and found the results dead on with family history and a few surprises.  In the suggested relatives I thankfully discovered I have not shagged a relative?  That is my biggest fear, finding out I shagged a relative.

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3 Answers

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I have had ancestry run it.

I found I was an old fat white guy with roots from europe.  No surprises.  Nothing very interesting so far.

My mother always claimed that she was bohemian.  German most likely.  She would have been disappointed.  Everyone wants to be a little weird.

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I have. I'm on 23 and Me. The biggest surprise was a little Italian and Scandinavian  about 4 generations back, but it appears on my dad's side whose family line I've had a more difficult time tracing so it isn't a terribly huge surprise. They've updated 23 and Me with a feature that allows you to see who in your family you inherited particular traits  and ancestries from if you have your parents and grandparents on there which is neat.

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No. I know my ancestors going back to 125 years. Beyond that I don't care. And I am pretty sure I am 100% south east Asian.

Chances are the a lot of whom I have been with share DNA with Genghis Khan. 

BTW, does the results come back with probability%? What I mean is that if they tell you n% Irish let's say, does it tell you how confident they are in saying so? 

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Yes it labels what generation and how distant of a cousin they may be

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