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Im hoping to fight jessica, but i dont think she fancies it lol. But im all signed up 8 weeks of training, not that ill need it. Look out! What a year!

in Announcements by (82,710 points)

3 Answers

+1 vote

Come back in one piece. 

by (325,080 points)
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Take the training seriously.  You might only learn one thing, but it might be important.  I assume they have a dress code so you wear shoes and don't get your foot stomped. 

Should be fun.

by (1,516,210 points)



Both barefoot?  At least it is equal.  Do you have sensitive feet?  Getting stomped could still hurt. Lol.


Stomping does hurt. Very ammused by people being dunked arent you. 


I didn't say anything about being dunked.  Thats just you looking for an arguement.  

I was just concerned that it be fair.  And that the opponent doesn't have an advantage because you have delicate feet.

Take it easy.


I dont have delicate feet tbf, i think most would feel it as very painful if it were them. But genuinely thanks for your concern.

+1 vote

You'll enjoy yourself if you live for the adrenaline rush of the octagon. 

Be patient and attack the opening. 

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