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This is a rally cry posted on social media, madness is all I can think of; a fool and their life are soon parted.  Have you heard this, your thoughts

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4 Answers

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I just saw a post on FB about it. I replied saying tell someone not to do something and that's the first thing they do as The Fed Gov warned FB users not to do it.

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I have heard about this.  Good idea actuall.  What the hell are they hiding out there in the desert.  Actually, all over the desert in nevada. There is a huge installation outside of Tonopah, i think it is now called area 52.  In the 60s they used to conduct low level flying out of there.  I had a job surveying in the area and jets would come by so close to the ground that you could look into the cockpit.  Officially nothing going on.  But the airforce was the biggest industry in town.

Outside of area 51 was a gunnery range.  Outside of that, we used to find missile parts all over the desert.  Being idiots, we found one with what appeared to be fuel and managed to set it on fire. Big hot fire. Lol.

The govt actually has several flights a day from Vegas for the people working at area 51.  They should just conduct bus tours like they do at other bases.  A see the alien tour.  Might even make money.

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Wellone why run a tour, they might balance the budget off the revenues.  Besides Hollywood would sue them for destroying script possibilities.  Think about it Independence and all the other movies which wll never be made again.


They could move everything to other secret bases.  China lake california, skull valley utah, to name just two that pop into my head.  They also have a huge air base in the middle of Nevada, just southwest of Austin I think.  I stumbled onto it one day surveying.  A concrete runway large enough to land a 747, or an alien craft.  Facilities must be underground as I didn't see any buildings.  Hollywood could just invent a catchy name.  Area 69 might be good.  Lol.


You and I know enough, so let us not go there.

Now would you not like Disney etc starting a next series in area 101 the idiot zone Hollywood Bank Account.......

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It would be like storming the Bastille...if the French soldiers had had automatic weapons and hand grenades...

According to Stargate:SG1, Area 51 is where the team brings all the alien technology they find on their trips through the Stargate. And yes, I DO watch too much sci-fi! 

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JPT it is not a place to visit.  Deadly force beyond the perimeter, I do not believe it would be worth it.

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If one person goes, he may get killed or rather captured way before that person can enter truly restricted perimeter. But if 1000s go, there isn't going to be any mass massacre if that's what you are implying.
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No just stating what will happen if they try and rush the base.

It will be a righteous legal shooting event.  It may also look like massacre however a fool and their life are soon parted.  Look at the Darwin Awards for supporting evidence.

If anyone survives it will be a long prison sentence and not in Club Fed.  I would say similar to Marienberg or Leavenworth although not as debilitating as Florence.  I would also say they would be long sentences.  For the organizers if still alive Death Sentences on about 12 Federal Statutes I can think of


I guess when it comes to violence and taking lives, we both have very different opinions. 

And if what you are suggesting does come true, that would be a sad day in history. 


53 you never served, I will accept that.  Now those are closed reservations, do not take that lightly.  I feel sorry for the MP's and Air Police  WHO HAVE TO PULL THE TRIGGER. 

That is their job, and I have seen it done.  If a member of my command did not pull the trigger, I would hold a Field Court Martial (if enough officers were available) and have them executed on the spot if found guilty.

I do not like the ambiguity of the current no-backbone folks.


You served. Good for you.

But you aren't under command right now. Mass massacre is your own thoughts. 

And let's not get into no backbone talks. 

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