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5 Answers

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Lol.  Thats pretty good.

by (1,605,330 points)
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<Yawn>  <sigh>

by (1,251,590 points)
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That's one of the best ones yet.I can think of a whole shit load more and a few from this site also. 

by (620,180 points)
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Wake very good

by (2,906,320 points)
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Shouldn't you concentrate on stopping your white supremacist buddy's from killing US citizens before you consider a space force?

by (3,104,910 points)

dont you have anything better to do that sift through hundreds of posts on answerologyreloaded… this is a post made ages ago.  get a life!


Dont you have a  answer for any of your hideous posts? Dont you think you owe everyone an apology ?

Get a life? I assure you, my life is 100%more satisfactory than yours. Your hatred eats your soul every day 


Ha Ha Ha you are funny.  I don't live on this website glass.... I get on here every so often (typically in the early morning hours) to laugh at and try and make the demoboobs and liberals understand who is WINNING!



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