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Brain atrophy has many causes, a study came out today.  As reported in the WSJ, people in their late 50's and during the sixties if they are overweight their brains will atrophy at an extraordinary rate.  Here the read

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Well, I am NOT overweight...but I do babysit ...SEIZURES.

The Brain is a powerful muscle(?)  and it has the ability to transfer stored memories to the left or right side.

After  4 1/2 testing with a neurologist, it was discovered that MY CASE!!!! brain showed pity, and moved information.

I was quite pleased to hear this information, doubtful as I was at the time.

For, I had researched information that I could NOT RECALL....

I was in a state of constant panic,  with wonder of having to Re-learn everything all over again.

Left me sad, in great despair.

But, It was a real Miracle ...for what I thought was  forever ...Lost Research Information ...ended up being UPDATED!!!!

And it was as if my brain was helping me ...I never even thought much about my brain before that one.

When they say,  " We ONLY Use 20% of our brains..."

Believe It!

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