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Climate change has a lot of detractors and s lot of advocates.  Today while sitting in Kings Cross Station (London) I saw that Boots had a massive display of Sunblock

In the UK they are now selling Sun Block on endcaps.  I think it is real.

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4 Answers

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Perhaps, for people who are not Foreign to an area, and tap in ancestors, who survived certain weather events, and came out of it without cancer.

Well, some people are more advanced than others on how to care for their bodies, when a sign in the Sky is telling them ...what is ABOUT TO HAPPEN?????

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Almost all highly qualified people and scientists are advocates. Then you have Trump and other not so qualified people arguing against it. I think I will go with people who know what they are talking about. This shouldn't even be a question to be honest. 

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David Icke thinks it's a scam. So...

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I could not believe Sunblock was on an Endcap in Boots instead of behind the counter - as usual. 


I'm surprised also Archer.


Saq the same in York today, rven the LNER had the AC on.  Downside G&T's not available on the weekends - dam Health and Safety.........

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Of course its real, every expert had said so. But, it's not unusual for Boots to sell sun block, especially at this time of year when people are going abroad on holiday.

The sun causes harm even if its not roaring temps,that's why most creams and make up gave sun block in the ingredients 

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In Kings Cross?  Heathrow yes, Kings cross surprising.  I also noticed all Nicholsons outlets and pubs now have A/C...


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