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My husband and 2 men have hung around together for over 40 years, they went to the same pubs, clubs and concerts. At one point they all worked for the same company, different jobs but same company.

All three have bowel cancer!!! 

That's fishy to me, there has to be a common denominator.

What do you think?

in Diet and Health by (2,969,590 points)

6 Answers

+1 vote

I say too much of a coincidence. It wasn't one of tRump's companies by any chance.

by (3,929,021 points)

No but I've lots of other stuff I can blame on him.

+1 vote

Yeah, thats too much of a coincidence. If they hang around a lot and worked for the same company, thats suspicious. Being its bowel cancer though, shouldnt it come from food they're eating? 

by (969,730 points)

Or the pub

+2 votes

If you find a good lawyer, they will surely find the link to some rich business they visited frequently. 

by (324,920 points)
+1 vote

It might be H-Pylori related.

by (133,340 points)
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Could not be just coincidental. 

Could be something at the company, or the pub.  Maybe radon in the basement of the pub where the beer was kept.  Something in the building where they worked. 

In my families case, the US government was killing everyone in town.  We were downwind from the atomic testing in Nevada.  Dad had breast cancer, both breasts were removed.  Mom had colon cancer twice, and lung cancer.  She never smoked.  Whatever I have probably has not shown up yet.  

Of course, some of it might be related to the copper smelter in town.

by (1,474,170 points)
+1 vote

GB different slant on your story.

Eight guys all played golf together, as of today I believe 6 or 7 of the 8 are dead due to pancreatic cancer.  Environmental chemicals are everywhere these days.

The LPGA cut the cancer rate by 2/3 having the women players and staff shower immediately after getting off the Golf Course before interviews etc.

Colon cancer is endemic in Chinese mainland cultures due to the use of cured soy beans and soy byproducts.

i do not believe you are wrong in your assumption/presumption of an environmental cause.  It has been more common as we are using more chemicals and processed foods in our daily lives. 

Hope all turns out for the best

by (2,846,200 points)
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