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my wife and i went for dinner with two friends, after dinner one of the guy said we should keep on drinking at his place but he didnt have red wine, so the other guy suggested hell go get a bottle at his place, when we were leaving my wife shouted shes accompanying the other guy to go to his place and left me driving back alone to the friends place. is it normal or am i overreacting

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4 Answers

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Have you spoken to your wife about it?

It does seem a bit strange but may have a good explanation.

How long did they take to get the wine? Ask her about it 

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we had a fight  and thats about it, theres nothing more she said. they didnt take long to join us back either. but the other guy seemed very quiet afterwards during the night  


Well I wouldn't want to jump to conclusions but it's a strange thing to happen 

Hey is your Birthday coming  up, they may be co conspirators in a surprise 


GB, there's the silver lining :)

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Not normal. Did you guys have a fight prior to that? Are you guys really close friends? There's a lot of background missing. The way you put it, the situation sounds like they hooked up. Even though that may not be true. 

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Not exactly normal.  Probably not time for even a quicky.  But I would be worried about arrangements made or propositions made.  The wife is up to something.  There was no reason to go with the guy.  He can get wine by himself.  She wanted some alone time with him.  Blow job perhaps.  

Keep an eye on her.  No use talking about it, she will just deny everything.  Watch and you will see.

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Sounds suspicious. Have you known each other awhile?  Why your wife chose to go with your friend and not you, doesnt seem right. What did she say during the fight? What doesnt sound right to me is that the guy was quiet after he came back. It makes me think your wife put a move on him, or tried to. 

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