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I learned after some time of having them, that I am allergic to both cats and dogs. I thought the allergy results were odd because I had no signs or symptoms of allergies. Years later I developed a cough and never thought of my pets, and yesterday during a breathing test that tests your lung capacity, I found out my airways are somewhat blocked. I could not take a deep enough breath and then let it all out at once. I began taking an inhaler last year to use as needed. Now Ive been placed on a stronger one. And I was very much afraid when the doctor said the results of the breathing test were similar to someone with COPD.  !!!

  I was floored, but am taking steps to be away from my pets as MUCH as I can. I really cant give them away. The dog and older cat have a few more years. But no more of the younger cat sleeping at my feet. She's not allowed in my room at all-- I had a hard time last night when she begged to come in. Vacuuming everyday and washing anything that comes into contact with them. And the young cat will be given to a daughter once I move. 


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I'm sorry to hear that. I am allergic to cat and dog hair. Have been from a young age but not serious enough to have to give them away. I just didn't stroke them much. I would get asthma and a rash. If our pet dog licked me a rash appeared immediately. That's enough about me anyway I hope things work out for you and your pets. They are family.

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I actually wanted to know if others here experienced the same, so thanks for sharing that. I would kiss the younger cat on the top of her head all the time. Now Im just trying not to touch them.  I had no signs like you did, or maybe I wasnt aware of them. 

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Oops... That's tough. I don't have pets. So maybe I cannot directly relate. But I would recommend giving them up for adoption to some good family. You never know how bad it may get over next few years. Self help should be first focus. 

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I know, self help should come first. But the dog is now 11, and these dogs normally dont last more than 15 yrs. Besides that, I couldnt bear to give them away. 

   I found out you can still have pets you are allergic to by taking steps with your home. Im trying to get one of those air purifiers that trap allergens and pet hair. Vacuuming more often, having the dog wear a t shirt for the dander, and so on. Its hard, but must do, and after everyone croaks, no more pets. 

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