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The question speaks for itself, Now if you were a worker would this demotivate you:

CEO pay exceeds the average workers by 246 to 1.  This up from a 20 to 1 in 1965.  CEO's are loathe to provide this information, they are also moving the Executive Suite away the main site of operations.

The Business Roundtable had a meeting of over 200 CEO's  asking this very question. They are afraid of the rising populism across all economies.  Think Globalism vs Localism........  Or why is Jimmy Dimon talking about consituancies other than fat cat shareholders?

Here are 3 articles which I could source, interesting reads.  Makes you wonder what they know about the 2020 election in the US and elsewhere.

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And THIS is just one reason why I'm a liberal, a life-long union supporter (albeit one who acknowledges unions need cleaning up!) and a Democrat. 

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You and me both, thought they were interesting articles.  When Jimmy Dimon is saying there needs to be a movement away from Shareholder value and focus on the constituencies they must be perceiving a lot of turbulence coming very soon.

I will be happy to say goodbye to the Globalism Agenda of constantly lowered wages and the environmental caused by the corruption

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(I didn't read the articles)

My theory is that it isn't so much about how much CEOs get paid. It's about how much workers are getting paid. Very few would argue for same pay for all. But most will want descent wages.

It's not fair for big executives to get golden parachutes and then lay off 1000s of workers without any compensation. 

Demotivating factors are not getting livable wages and not having job security. 

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They are all tied in, if you read the articles CEO pay was about 20 to 1 in the 60's and early 70's.  A time when the middle class actually thrived.  Then the creep up started and the war against the middle class began

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