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Oh what a tangled web we weave when  the EU the UK wants to leave.  I am loving the political theater and feeling sorry for all my friends and coworkers in the UK who are having to live through this mess.

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3 Answers

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I don't think Corbyn is PM material. But then Boris is raving bafoon. I'm also loving the entertainment value and not knowing what will come next.

by (4,243,331 points)
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Unfortunately Corbyn and party are lagging behind the Tories by 14 points. The grass roots membership love him but how bad do you need to be that you cannot beat that Tory shower who gave us this Brexshit?

I myself don't care as we will get what England vote for but look forward to the SNP wiping out the Tories in Scotland.

You should feel sorry for us as unlike you in the U.S. ours is permanent, for good, no way back  unlike you, we  can't fix this shitstorm in one year or maybe 5, unless Scotland takes up its normal state of independence.

by (3,097,830 points)
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If I lived in Britain I would definitely vote for Obi-Wan Kenobi over the muppet they have now. Apparently there's predictions for an election in 6 months?

by (577,390 points)

It will be sooner my friend.  Missed your input, glad to see you back


Thanks, good to be back :)

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