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I went to a concert this weekend with my best friends. My best friends fiancés co worker was there who I had met in the past. We both went through breakups about 7 months ago and go to chatting and flirting. We got drunk at the concert and I brought him home. We did have sex and also stayed up all night fooling around and talking about anything and everything. We had a really good connection but I have so much anxiety around this. He got my number from my friend texted  me the next day saying he had a good time and we should hang out again sometime. We went back and forth throughout the day and then he said he didn’t really remember what we talked about that night. I said same we were very drunk but it was ok. He never responded to that last night and now I’m wondering if I should reach out again and say hey or mike a funny comment checking in since we both aren’t deathly hungover. Also curious if I should be texting first or if people think he may want to casually Date or if he just is gonna want to hookup again. I met him about a year ago and have seen him in social settings a few times since. I do think he’s a really nice guy I just don’t know what to expect or how to act I’ve been out of the game for a while any advise would be appreciated 

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So, a normal alcohol fueled night.  

But absent from your posting is any mention about what you want and are ok with.   You need to do what you want.

But given what you said, i think his initial reaction was that he might have said something during the course of the night that he might be regretting.  Pledges of undying love, or wanting to spend more time, or just liking the way you act in the sack.  So he had to see what you remember.  You didn't call him out on anything, so he is relieved.

If you want to see him again, you need to reach out to him in some way.  

Putting having sex back in the bottle will be very difficult if you regret that and agree to meet him again for anything.  But if you enjoyed it, and either don't mind or want to screw him again, then find out what he is interested in, and set it up.  Be it a real date, a casual date, or a hookup.  But the ball is yours.  Contact him and get the ball in his court.

Good luck.

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