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in Announcements by (3,980,331 points)

4 Answers

+3 votes

Put that donate thing up  PayPal 

by (3,008,370 points)

I've done it, I worked it out by myself..oh look at me!!!


Thanks. That's a big help.

+2 votes

Hope everyone is able to stay

by (1,189,840 points)
+3 votes

Blu look to your in box, I have always been good about donating.  Understand your dilemma - if AOR goes it will be a loss albeit understandable.  You have been a champ

by (2,879,760 points)

Thanks Archer. Yes you have been very generous as have a few others.

+2 votes

Given the donations received in response to this the site will remain open. Thanks to all.

by (3,980,331 points)

Best. News. EVERsmilie_girl_014.gif

My dues for Aug & Sept are on the way before this week's end. 


Thanks JPT. You're a star.

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