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Yesterday the Washington Post and New York Times reported that the communications at the center of all this involved Ukraine. Trump spoke to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky by phone in July. Some  Trump supporters have pushed for the Ukrainian government to open investigations that the President could use to raise suspicions about his political rivals, including Joe Biden. Some observers wonder if there's a connection between the push for an investigation and Trump's call with Zelensky. But there's no public evidence that the whistleblower's complaint pertains to the Trump-Zelensky call. The potential ramifications of this story are starting to become more clear, and the risks facing the president, the intelligence community and the Democrats in Congress are climbing by the day. 

    ***Whats more interesting is that the Dept of Justice (or injustice, it should be named) has told this whistleblower that they will not "cover" him/her.  

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Amy, I knew nothing about your political system until Trump was elected and its clear that it's a corrupt as sin. tRump never started that but by christ he has took full advantage of it. So while your lot were somewhat corrupt now its totally soaked in it.

Nobody seems to have the gumption to take him on. It's been months since the Dems held the house and they are all over the place with no clear plans and no real leadership. Nancy cant even decide on impeachment.

Dont get me wrong, that shit show is what I'm living in too.

I honestly think it's time for some civil disobedience 

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<It's been months since the Dems held the house and they are all over the place with no clear plans and no real leadership. Nancy cant even decide on impeachment.>

   Belle, the Reps have the Senate and it's hard to pass anything if they won't agree to it. This has been the most highly partisan group I've seen in years. Nixon was going to be impeached before he resigned during Watergate and the Reps agreed. With this one who I still refuse to call a president because he doesn't deserve the title, they are all set to protect him at whatever costs. So its hard. I agree Nancy is not doing much but at least Nadler is going forward. However again, unless something is found that he is found to have done something incredibly wrong they will not vote for impeachment. It's almost a catch 22 situation. 


I am specifically speaking about impeachment not your domestic policy makers.

The Dems cannot agree. Here again trump will skate away from this whistle blower issue, why? Because your media have put it out there that Trump withheld Congress approved military aid to the Ukraine unless he got dirt on Biden..

No one knows that to be true, no one knows what this latest complaint is, but of course the media run with a story that may not be true, and if it comes out as untrue, Trump looks like the victim again..who will dance back into the WH in 2020.

Why everyone is afraid of this total eejit I'll never know but so far he has been held accountable for zilch 


Belle, more than half of the 235 Dems are for impeachment and some Reps are as well. There is more agreement of issues between the Reps and him than there is with the Dems. While they were on break the Dems were discussing impeachment, and and Im sure there is a plan of action but they are blocked when they try making a move, ie; court subpoenas that are fought or ignored. Right now the only hope is the Manhattan southern district who is fighting Trump's lawyers on the tax documents.

    The Whistleblower story says Trump made an agreement with a foreign leader. My guess is that it was Putin, being that the Ukraine was involved. I think some of Trump's supporters are trying to downplay it when knowing his history with Putin, it can actually be true. 

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The time line also includes Trump's extortion attempts to hold up the Ukranian funding unless they play ball on the Biden smears; the slow-walking of enforcing the laws passed by Congress (and signed by Trump) that place sanctions on and limitations on Russia; the refusal to do anything about Russian interference in the elections despite the laws passed by Congress to address that by passing the election interference help laws which are currently rotting in the Senate (thanks to Moscow Mitch); and Trump's push to have Russia re-admitted to the G-7 (to re-constitute the G-8).  Of course, today Moscow Mitch says he WILL allow a vote on the election tampering bills.  

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That is precisely the reason why they aren't allowing the whistleblower to do his job and address what he knows to the proper authorities (Congress). William Barr and the Whitehouse itself have involved themselves in it as well, something that normally would not and should not be done. There is a huge cover up that's taking place. Its all about 2020. 

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