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Wake wants to know.

in Politics by (4,024,911 points)

3 Answers

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We have accepted it.  Trump and his mouth breathing supporters are the ones who keep bringing up 2016 and Hillary. 

by (2,446,270 points)
+2 votes

Ha Ha Bloser look in the mirror my friend.  I suppose you really think that the President will be impeached!  Ha Ha Ha ICWTSITYS!! AGAIN!  Pelosi looks like an idiot in front of the whole country.  This MINORITY far-left has ruined the entire party forever.  We have Judges, We have a record breaking economy, We have the strongest military, and the entire WORLD wants to kiss our President's ass!  Here is to 2020!!

by (104,920 points)
+2 votes

Wake is living in the land where mobsters get to be presidents, where colluding with foreign leaders, bullying others, blaming the other party for his own mistakes and lies, taking the law into his own hands and selling our country to foreign enemies and putting our democracy at risk is all happening,  and thats ok with him. 

by (1,053,430 points)

I know you're just smarter than the rest, and the most of us...

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