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It happens. A lot. My Mother's two sisters did not get on well and there was a major break-up when my grandparents died. Family issues can get serious instead of just chilling out.

Life is what you make it.

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Hate may be too strong of a word.  But most siblings dislike each other at some point in their lives.  Sisters, since you are both women, are worse, and twins makes it even worse since you are the same age and know each other too well.  Age difference makes it easier to like the other person.  And later in life, you might find that you like each other.

But yes, it is pretty normal for sisters to find the other annoying.

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She is awful to me 


Yeah.  I can imagine.  Lol.  But you are all sweetness, kindness, and joy to her right?  No making out with her boyfriend, dissing her clothes, or telling her that she is stupid.  Nothing like that right?

Just love and kisses.


Shes done irritating stuff to me im sure you remember 


I do remember.  I also remember that you were making out with her guy.  


I also remember being gagged & tied up. 


My brother once tied me up.  Hands and feet.  I was sitting on a chair.  He then told me to stand up and walk.  I immediately fell forward on my chin.  Blood everywhere.  5 stitches and a big bandage later, I went home.  I think my parents said something to him as he never did that again.

We were not really friends until we were out of school, and moved away from each other.  Women seem to have this sibling thing worse.


Well I don't particularly appreciate it. Its terrible. And embarrassing 


You might try negotiating some sort of truce.  Establish some boundaries.  

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My sister and I strongly hated each other for many years.  It's entirely normal and common.  Also my dad has always hated his brother, but the brother feels only mild disdain for my dad.

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Sibling rivalries are quite common for whatever reason.  The causes are many fold some nature, some nurture.  On my oldest kids I nipped those rivalries in the bud each and every time they came up.  On the youngest two the same.

“Better a true enemy than a false friend.”

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Nope sisters should love and respect  one another. They will have spats and disagreements, but you remain sisters forever. Blood and water and all that there.

I know what I have given you. I do not know what you have received. ~Antonio Porchia

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I think hate is a strong term although Im sure that might be true as well in some circumstances. 

   I have 2 sisters and they are worlds apart. One has serious issues with herself and her family and is the dominant ruler in her family , the other and the oldest, a bit bossy and interfering in the other sibling's lives. For example, she once tried to stop me from going on a trip abroad with my girls. The reason: something could happen to me. So too much of a mother figure and controlling. She also loves to brag about her very successful children. Its not something one wants to hear each time she calls. 

   So not hate, but wishing they were a bit different.  

The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing.       -Socrates

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