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No Deal Brexit has sparked fears that incidences of Dogging (Public Sex) could occur as the long ques (lines) stack up.  A cabinet minister is sounding the drumbeat on this fear.  That is if you have to wait hours to days to cross the Channel, will the drivers be engaging in acts with the worlds oldest professional occupation?

Your thoughts, reactions, humor to this latest No Deal Brexit worry?

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2 Answers

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I guess he must think dogging is a bad thing.

Maybe he is right.  Stuck in a long line, with nothing to do.  Might as well get screwed.  

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I have stockpiled the condoms.

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I would also stock up on TP.  A Minister has a fear per the BBC that the Uk could run out of Toilet Paper.

Blue I do not envy the ongoig mess you are in.  I am also hating the ugly changes which are to come

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