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The White House has officially refused to co-operate with the impeachment inquiry against President Donald Trump.

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5 Answers

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It's just the exact same plan he has always employed: deny, deny, deny, deny.  When that runs out, take it to the courts and sue the accusers.  If THAT doesn't work, claim "super-secret-all-inclusive-special-and-total-immunity-for everyone-I-say" which means no one says anything .  The mob does this.  Everybody shuts up.  And the boss enforces it.  Or you'll sleep with the fishes.

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He doesn’t want to cooperate because he knows he’ll get nailed. Trumps play book is to wait out the clock - file lawsuits, refuse to hand over information, threaten his subordinates not to talk... just like a Mafia godfather.    

We are currently in a state of Constitutional crisis because one branch of our government is refusing to accept the authority of another equal branch of government. This is dangerous and frightening. The GOP has clearly decided that the president is above the law. 

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Because he is crooked, he knows it, and he is trying to hide it.

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Political Drama and the Beltway 2 step.

A. Only the full House can call an Inquiry is my understanding.  So why give up information that may lead to a Full House review.  Only the Full house can demand what has been requested based on past precedent.

B. Shiff and Pelosi have been part of the Resist movement since the beginning.  Consequently I believe this has been planned for awhile and now the Ukrainian call has provided food for this Beast.  Two polarized forces at odds with each other.

Do I believe Trump is disgusting - Yes, will not digress on other feelings towards the Orange Mop

Do I believe Trump will be impeached  - No

Do I believe this is a campaign Ploy - yes

Does it have the possibility of a Blowback on the DNC - yes which is what I am fearful of

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The house sets their own rules.  The rules changed between the last impeachment, clinton, and this one.  I suspect because they didn't like the on record vote thing, so a full house vote is not required.  That is just smoke sent up by the defendant and his enablers.

He will be impeached, for about 20 reasons, not the least is killing the kurds, asking for foreign help in his campaign, and obstruction of justice.

He may or my not be removed from office.  When push comes to shove, some repug senators might cut their losses and vote to get rid of him.   He is going to be toxic to reelection.

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he would blue if it were being handled by the US House of Representatives in  a constitutional manner.  see in America we believe in democracy, and that requires VOTING.  we are not some kind of authoritative monarchy that puts impeachment inquires together on a whim... because they're jealous.  #ifyoucantbeathimimpeachhim

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