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But in a good way, and its a point for our democracy:

There was a maelstrom of impeachment news yesterday, and most of it centered around Rudy Giuliani, President Trump's personal attorney. Two of Giuliani's Ukraine contacts were arrested on charges of violating campaign finance laws, and now the feds are looking at Giuliani's financial dealings with the men. Lev Parnas and Igor Fruman, who are powerful Republican donors, allegedly introduced Giuliani to Ukrainian officials who pushed unfounded theories about corruption involving former Vice President Joe Biden and his son Hunter. How much of this did Giuliani know or participate in? It's unclear, but if the men are offered a chance to exchange information for leniency in sentencing, they may dish on the attorney's involvement. When asked about the revelations yesterday,  Trump said he doesn't know the men. House Democrats also issued a subpoena to Energy Secretary Rick Perry for documents related to the Trump administration's contacts with Ukraine.

Me--Of course, Trump denies knowing anything. Yet he is pictured all over media with the two foreigners who,were arrested.  You know, his long term memory loss story (lie). 

The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing.       -Socrates

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4 Answers

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Donald Trump could claim to have been the Queen of Egypt in a previous life and people would believe him.

Life is what you make it.

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Yes, the worshippers would for sure. They'll believe anything he says. 

He only remembers things that are convenient to him!


Yes, his ppl will believe anything.

Those sheep are being led by the wolf. It doesn't end well either.

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The only time he ever speaks the truth is when he claims to not know anything.  He is an ignorant POS.

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Trump is filthy from the ground up - he has ALWAYS been filthy.  Nothing they uncover about him and his associates, no matter how rotten, will surprise me. 

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ugh I am so sorry about your third grade education Amy. I think you did your best to portray a "more weird" situation... DJT has his picture taken more than any other human being on the planet.  I do think Rudy says some things that may not always be in the President's best interest, but I do not think he is any kind of risk to American security.  

by (104,920 points)

<DJT has his picture taken more than any other human being on the planet.>   You must have heard that from him. In that case, it isn't true. 

What you mean is, Mr. Guliani has put his foot in his mouth more often than not-- and has implicated your president by exposing him of wrongdoings which are facts.  Also, your president denied knowing those two criminals. Much like he denied knowing about the payments to Stormy Daniels while on Airforce One. "No, I dont know anything about that. You'll have to speak to Michael Cohen." Does that ring a bell in your biased brain?  In fact he had directed Mr. Cohen himself to make the.payment.  

   Ill ignore the rest of your nonsense because Im above any childish behavior on your part. 


You're still talking "Stormy" and "Cohen"?? Get Over It YOU LOST!!!  MadeAGA!!  ICWTSITYS in 2020!


Dont you know Michael Cohen is being called  in again to the NYC district attorney's office to testify about Trump's shady business deals and his taxes?  It may lead to his testifying to a grand jury. You didnt know?  Well now you do. 

    Just because Trump's financial crimes happened years ago, doesn't mean they will GO AWAY. 


"It may lead"... It WILL NOT:)  


How do you know for sure? Are you part of the courts tbere? Only time will tell. 

With what's going on now, it will only add fuel to the fire. Exciting times ahead. 


Amy you're such a dumbass.  I am going to make another post right now...


 <Amy you're such a dumbass.>

   You're still here?  Im amazed at Blue's patience. I would have kicked your ass out of here long ago.  All you do is try to insult everyone who doesnt agree with you on politics. Small people do that. 

   Why don't you just do like a rabbit snd disappear? 


Amy. I've been very patient.


Yes, you are. I thought I took the cake!


Amy and Blue, I did not start insulting people on this site until people began insulting me.  I realize that people with no other argument resort to insults, but after receiving so many myself at this point... I have been "sucked in" :)


If people on here jumped off a cliff, would you follow them? That's also what the flag button is for. Dumbass.

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