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Obuma knew? Yeah I can't wait to say I told you so because we WILL find out!

in Politics by (104,920 points)

5 Answers

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I have no idea who knew what when but I'm absolutely creased up with laughter that whoever Hunter is he is big enough to topple the fat glutinous orange dick head.

I'm in mourning but that can bring a smile to my face.

Tic tic tic.

by (3,014,690 points)

I can't wait to laugh in your face again next year come November.... ICWTSITYS


I cant wait. Your man is going into a reelection campaign as an impeached president at best and his base doesn't have the numbers to win.

And the Republicans will turn on him  the minute they see the people turn.


impeachment??  First off in the U.S.A.  we  have 3 branches of government, and Nancy cannot do anything by herself.   This impeachment attempt (if it ever even gets that far... which I doubt) will be squelched by the Senate. This just POLITIAL!  There is NOT A CHANCE of impeachment glas.


No Wake, the Senate will fail to convict, he will still be impeached.

Good lord you're extremely lacking in knowledge 

+1 vote

Be quiet dude! No one is bothered by your right wing views.

by (82,710 points)

see this is why many Republicans have left this site.  It is full of children... Dude!

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It is pretty obvious that Hunter got a fat job because of who his father is or was.  But that is not illegal or else all of the past relatives would be arrested.  It every job that I ever had had, there were always a few relatives that had jobs way over their ability.  It is never what you know, but who you know.

I doubt that there is anything to find out.

by (1,524,050 points)
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What about Ivanka making all that money with no experience? But that's different - she's Trump's daughter and therefore nobody can criticize her. Right?

by (2,434,850 points)
Night and day difference. Ivanka working for her dad pre-presidency was in the private sector. Trump never blackmailed a foreign country to protect one of Ivanka's jobs.

Her current responsibilities are basically public relations and putting a pretty face on meetings with foreign leaders. She is the unofficial Second Lady. She is not influencing any major dealings or political decisions.

Again Jophus is exactly right!


So can all you right rights explain why Jared and Ivanka made over 80 million last year while working for the administration ,and taking tax payers money?

While you're at it, you can explain all the other emoluments clause the Grifters ignored?


Glas the Trumps were making Zillions PRIOR to politics!! These democrat career politicians that end up millionaires all while making $150000 annually is a JOKE.  They were skimming the America that they were/are sworn to represent!


You are truly gone, your brain is mush and open to all sorts of shite.

So you're clearly ok with nepotism as long as it's on your side.

Yup sounds about right, you man are the dumbest cunt I've ever came across in my whole life.

Oh and if the word cunt offends you, it won't be as much as I'm offended by a crime family stealing money out of the mouths of babes.never as much as I'm offended by a POTUS who cheats to get re elected and never near as much as having to see your total drivel on a regular basis 


They made $80 million off their real estate businesses. It was not connected to their "adviser" jobs, which is not even paid.

Trump's emolument lawsuit was thrown out. Nobody could prove any harm done.


So you're ok that the next Democrat potus installs his children in the WH and allows them to continue their private business?

What do you mean they weren't paid,? How much does it cost Americans every time one of them move? 

There has been no comprehensive investigation re emoluments, what happened about Barr? The military,? What happened about all that money they made through Saudi Arabia's own dictator admin renting in Ttump tower?

You try hard to defend the Grifter, why? Have you sold your soul or do you feel daft about voting for him and try hard to vindicate your choices?

Stop doing that, no one believes you so you're just wasting your time.


No, I would not have a problem with that. As I said before, they are just glorified PR agents., and their White House jobs are unpaid.

The Trump kids pay their own travel expenses. They get secret service protection, but so have all presidential family members.

The presidency was always supposed to be a civilian position. George Washington and Thomas Jefferson didn't sell off their farms when they became president.

I am not going to get worked up over a Saudi prince staying at Trump tower. They've been doing all sorts of dealings in the US for decades.


Yes, yes they have. Like the deal they had to provide and support terrorists flying planes into U.S buildings killing over 3000 American Citizens. You do come across as someone that wouldn't get worked up about that.  I guess you thought the brutal killing of a journalist was just a Monday thing.

The presidency was always about upholding the law, protecting the constitution and working for the people. 

Washington couldn't tell a lie

tRump cannot tell the truth

You can't even compare the two.

The early presidents didnt give up stuff, including their slaves. Of course you're ok with that...


Thank Goodness we have an American President now with some common sense!  Obama is GONE!  We saved thousands of lives by putting economic pressure on Turkey to solve the problem in the middle east without more, pointless American blood shed.  MingAGA

+2 votes

Sounds like a witch hunt. By the idiot that always claims it's a witch hunt.

by (4,001,051 points)
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