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So this girl and I are both 18, first-year university students. Last night we're all playing pool, 3v3 and the girl specifically asks to be on my team. We're friends, but not too much outside of this friend group.

Then it just felt like whenever it was her turn, she'd be asking me for advice really enthusiastically, despite the fact that the other guy on our team is objectively better than me. Anyway, she just seemed to be super bubbly whenever asking me what to do for her shot and stuff like that. Eventually it's the other guy who ends up winning the game for us, but she ends up running over and hugging *me* instead, which felt like an overreactive measure to begin with, just grabbing my waist a few separate times.

It sort of feels like a signal to me but I'm not sure.

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1 Answer

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Seems like she is flirting with you.. Sounds like a SIGNAL to me..unless of course she was

a little tipsy..

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