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What is something you should probably depart with but can't?

We Rise By Lifting Others!

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4 Answers

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My dear husbands  hoard. He hoarded all sorts of shit. When he was still with me I moaned and moaned about it. Now he is gone, I cherish every little bit of it.


Continued prayers for you, Belle!  All the best!


Media, thanks. I'm not going off my head, I know he died, but  I cant help thinking if he comes back he will  be really annoyed at me for throwing his stuff out.

I know I'll get better with time..


Belle, I know you're not.  I just want you to know you're not alone.  :-)

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I gave to ARC a display that cost me all but two hundred dollars.

A new coat, several new Christmas sweaters and tops.

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I have an old, old, desk in my garage.  It is quite small: about 32" wide and only 18" deep with a small drawer where the chair fits and three small cheap drawers on the right side.  My mother bought it when a department store was closing in my home town back around 1960 or so.  I bought an "antiquing" set and repainted the desk.  I was unbelievably proud of it.  I kept it all through high school and left it at home when I went off to college. I gave it to my boys as they grew up, and they used it until they finally got a "bedroom set" of furniture.  Then they said they didn't want it any more.  I decided to take it to school with me and put it in my classroom as a "spare desk."  I used it infrequently, but it still saw some use.  When the new high school was built, the administration told me I wasn't allowed to put it in my new classroom because it "doesn't fit in."  So I put it in our garage in 2004, and that's where it remains. I've been cleaning out the garage over the past couple of months, but every time I look at it and think, "This cheap clapboard desk needs to go out to the curb," I think again, and it still sits in the garage.  

I don't know if I will ever take it to the curb.  If I could find a "good home" for it, I'd gladly donate it to someone, but to tell you the truth, it's so old and so cheap and so poorly made, I don't know if anyone would want it.  In fact, if someone tried to give it to ME anytime in the last 25 years, I would have rejected it.  :-)

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Old clothes, make up.

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