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My husband and I have been married for 20 years. He is 44 and I am 38. We have always had sex at least once a week. Within the last year we never have sex anymore and when we do I normal have to fuss about us not ever doing anything. He has always got off pretty quickly. The last few times we have do something he has either took forever or not got off at all. He says because he is getting old. Do you think he is cheating on me or is it really his age?? Please help 

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3 Answers

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One never knows.  My only experience is myself.  At 44, I was very interested in sex.  You would be complaining about having to have sex every day.  That alone makes me think he is getting sex somewhere else.

If it was still happening at the previous schedule, but it took him a bit longer, I would blame age.  But he is much too young to not be interested in getting you naked, legs up.

Be suspecious.

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The first thing to do is to talk to hims straight up. If he says he just is having trouble because of his age, have him see his doctor.  His doctor will prescribe whatever might be appropriate.  If the doctor finds nothing wrong, then perhaps you might schedule some couples counseling.  The counselor may have some good ideas about how to put more life and inspiration into your marriage.

Do THAT before you start talking affair.  

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Could be either one of those questions.

Perhaps you should try role playing with him.

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