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I actuallt didnt lol. How long does it take?

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The thought of it is scary.

I had foil on my burger and put it in the microwave, it caught fire.


Any idea for revenge for my sister? For making me bright orange this week? Tying me up? Usisng my shit constantly?


I would sign her up for things she could receive in the mail.

She is a really a character that needs to be dealt with.


Like what 


Lol.  I did that once to a guy that I knew.  A Muslim.  I went into the Mormon church in salt lake.  I signed his name, said how interesting it was, put his address down and said please send someone by to talk about it.  Missionaries were on his door in afew weeks.  Lol.


Shes left me glowing orange, tied up, had a pp of me dunked, constantly being a bitch to me.


She should have stripped you naked and posted it to the world.




When she had you tied up.  Maybe with a sign around your neck.  


Saying what exactly?


Put sleeping pills in a drink.

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Why would you want to heat grapes up?

Anything metallic will spark up in a microwave, even those cups with gold painted rims. 

I once put a pie with aluminum foil in a microwave for a minute or less, and it was ok.  Someone told me if the volume in the pie was greater than the foil it wont burn. However, I wouldn't try it again.  


The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing.       -Socrates

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I put a new coffee cup in the microwave and it cracked open.


What was it made out of? Any special material on the outside? 


It was just a regular coffee mug.

I put it in the microwave with coffee in it to warm the coffee.

Next thing I knew, I heard the coffee cup blow up.

I was scared to death, thinking the microwave was dangerous.


Thats very odd, but then again microwaves have done lots of harm. Be careful.

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