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Watch Nancy officially schedule an impeachment vote, and then the IG and John Durham report come out prior to the vote taking place.  The whole country will AGAIN be informed about THE REAL corruption (I am talking about the FISA court abuse and the investigation of the whole "Russia hoax" that enveloped this country for 2 plus years) that took place in this American country.... and Nancy again will look very foolish.  I can't wait for 2020 when Republicans get a  firm grip on all three branches of government.  Understandably this country (America) is doing very well economically, but just wait for 2020 when further conservative changes begin. Thoughts?

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My thoughts? This is bigger than your ability to comprehend. If one only watched today's testimony then you'd  be in no doubt that Trump attempted to bribe Ukraine.

And once again you prove you didnt read the Mueller report and just repeating parrot like your dear leaders words.

No man has a  right to fix the boundary to the march of a Nation...

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You have nothing to tell. We all know how this will play out. The Dems will impeach, the repubs will acquit.

However, going by the recent elections where Trump begged his base to give him a big win and he lost, the Republicans realise that he is a hindrance now.

I guess it all depends on who loves the country and who gobbles Trump. 


it goes back to the founding fathers of this country and the electoral college...


Yes and the founding fathers were wise enough to give congress the power to stop a President abusing his power and using his office for personal gain.


glas it will never happen.  if Nancy brings it to vote, more dems will move to our side of reality.  She will just make herself look even more silly.


We shall see. Theres more to come out and now that the state dept. has been forced to release documents in relation to this, which you can download and read, minds will change.

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Apparently, you have been squirreled away in your bubble and have not heard the testimony from Gordon Sondland and Fiona Hill and David Holmes.  Headlines:  

Impeachment witness warns that conspiracy theories advance Russia’s agenda as they divide Americans

Fiona Hill Testifies ‘Fictions’ on Ukraine Pushed by Trump Help Russia

Fox News Poll: Biden has edge over Dems in Nevada, bests Trump by 7 points

And finally, another Top Headline from Fox News:

Mobster's son says he knows where Jimmy Hoffa is buried (and who killed him)

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They know where Hoffa was murdered, they have a handle on who did it, however since the body was cremated at a Mob run crematorium they cannot close the case.

Read that in an Atlantic or Washington Post story  a year or two back.  The Bureau now has only one person from cold cases tracking any leads.  Fascinating read however, and the Bureau has not said much since they have perceived egg on their face


Med apparently you live inside the "bubble" of which you speak and you honestly believe nothing but hearsay.  Why do you think that is not permissible in  a court of LAW??  Because it is not worth a grain of salt!


What witnesses hear and see ARE admissible in every court.  Most of the testimony presented at the hearings was information personally observed or heard in person.  A few of them, such as Taylor's comment that "An aide came to me to tell me that he heard the President on a phone call with Sondland," etc. was indeed hearsay.  The remedy for hearsay is to call to the stand the person who actually listened to the call.  SO, David Holmes, the aide who DID hear the call firsthand, was called, and HE testified.  Lt. Col. Vindman testified to what he hear firsthand as he listened to the call live with Presidents Trump and Zelensky.  Etc., etc.

AND let's be clear... if the Republicans and YOU are concerned about this... BRING IN THE FIRST HAND WITNESSES TO TESTIFY ON YOUR BEHALF!  LET'S HEAR FROM GIULIANI, BOLTON, MULVANEY, AND THE OTHERS WHO ARE BEING BLOCKED FROM TESTIFYING BY THE PRESIDENT.  OF COURSE, TRUMP HIMSELF COULD SHOW UP AND TESTIFY. (But he would cut off a testicle before he sat before the committee for open questioning.)

Of course, Wake, what YOU are failing to realize here is this: the impeachment hearings are NOT courts, and the testimony of the witnesses are not subject to the same rules of evidence as a courtroom.  They are "witness statements."  The actual TRIAL phase of the President would occur in the Senate, NOT in the House.  

I'm sure you were equally as irritated as I was when questioners trotted out long personal opinion statements, asserted "facts" not in evidence, and then ended up asking the witness for an OPINION.  Any lawyer with a brain would have objected in court: "Objection! Calls for a conclusion by the witness!" "Objection! Counsel is testifying; is there a question in there somewhere?" "Objection! Assumes facts not in evidence!" "Objection! No foundation for this line of questions."  "Objection! Irrelevant and immaterial."  "Objection! Counsel is presenting a closing argument, not asking questions."  I found the process unwieldy because of so many irritating departures from the more streamlined approach I would have preferred. 

However, that's the allowable process in the House Impeachment Hearings.  If you will recall, Linda Tripp's testimony was 100% hearsay, yet it was embraced by Republicans ... and was allowable due to the "rules of the road" of the impeachment hearings.

If you're tempted to spew such uninformed garbage in the future, Wake, my suggestion is that you do your homework before typing.  As the old saying goes, "It is better to keep your mouth shut and have people think you're an idiot than to open it and remove all doubt."

Have a good weekend...

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Ok, your words are marked.

The IG and Duham are full of shit.  The FISA system is crap, but the repugs are the ones setting up the system and the setting off of an investigation may or may not have been above board.  Fortunately trumpsky is a crook so even a bogus investigation can find real crime.

I will be waiting.

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well ICWTSITYS... what really cracks me up are your thoughts about Republicans creating or "setting up" an investigation.  Look at Stormy Stormy Stormy or Russia Russia Russia ALL DEBUNKED.  Those are examples of REAL  set up investigations.  I would be livid too if I was DJT because the Dems have been doing their best (and continuing to fail at it) to Impeach.  It is getting funny.  I can't wait for November 2020!!


Stormy stormy stormy has not been debunked.  The trumpster fucked her with his tiny penis, and then paid her $130,000 to keep quiet about it.  Poor Cohn went to jail for it.

Russia russia russia has not been debunked.  Djt is a russian asset being run by putin.  Putin has the tape.

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My thoughts are you shouldn't ask for people's thoughts when you have no intention of taking them on-board.

Life is what you make it.

by (3,812,741 points)

that is fair blue.   I am just asking for thoughts, and I will give them honest reflection if they would contain more than name-calling and insults.  I try and back up my posts with real time ideas that support what I say.... folks should make that effort if they are interested in meaningful dialogue 


"Name calling and insults" you mindlessly worship a man who uses foul language regularly and calls anyone who disagrees with him racist and sexist names.

You live in a glass house man.


Meaningful dialogue? Dude, your whole approach is to wind people up then talk down to them as if they are stupid. As for insults, the policy is now flag it. So don't complain if you can't be bothered to do that.

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Be quiet you ignorant pig

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you've not been around long enough to make a name moore...try and insult me with any substance beside a name and it could become fun.  Until then I will just laugh at your sheer ignorance.



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ICWTSITYS! again..........

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Wake settle down, the political theater is now in full swing.  The story will read whatever the Power Brokers want it to read.  Whether one report or the other is true or not.  Potomac Two step is what it is called.

When stationed in DC I saw this way too many times.  Since we have changed the method of information disbursement in the last 20 years, the factions have silo-ed themselves. As in locking themselves in a missile silo waiting for a target.

A good friend who is head of her department at University is publishing an article on this in January.  Expect the Atlantic to publish excerpts.

Now three deep breaths and another cup of coffee. How are you doing in your silo?  I am digging a fox hole

“Better a true enemy than a false friend.”

by (2,821,380 points)

Arch that is the part I cannot understand... see some on this site consider me "in a silo", but Arch I am with the Majority!!  Look who is in CHARGE and will remain in charge by a very healthy margin in November (less than a year away!)!  Now is when coming on this site and doggin' the many!:)


Wake, not by popular vote or the heavily urban diverse populations.  A bit of coffee and study the numbers.  Now by electoral he is probably going to win because the Dems will not run a centrist

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You know, for once I wish no one here would respond to your questions. They aren't even questions, they're insults. Their responses only  make you want to come back and add more idiotic insults and misinformation. Maybe if you had no audience and everything you said fell on deaf ears, your behavior would stop.

    As for your fantasies, they're not going to happen. The only one who is going to look foolish is your president. But he already does that, so there won't be a change. 

The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing.       -Socrates

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Is that your real photo Wake? I'm not sure if Amy is overweight, I am, but I can lose weight, you are one ugly bastard inside and out and you can never lose that.

Now why dont you purse your slobbery fat lips and kiss my fat white Scottish arse you feeble excuse for a man. .

How dare you come on here insulting a woman simple because she has a different political  view than you. You knuckle dragging red neck.

Is it still fun insulting woman and kids now?


I'm not going to take down Wake's comment so people can see what a twat he really is. However, two flags automatically hide a post if another member wants to do the honours.


Good point.  From now on, I pledge to leave the jerk alone.  Like his idol, he will shrivel and die  without comment or alarm.


Wake no, Im not overweight thankfully. Ive taken care of my weight because of my predisposition to diabetes and have been intermittently fasting since July. 

    But since you made such a ridiculous assumption, like your president does all the time,  I have to say your personailty must be just like his. Is that why you like him so much, because he reminds you of yourself? It's not a compliment Im paying you, in case you misunderstood. 

   As Belle said above, you look overweight yourself with tbose chubby cheeks. Not that I normally would point it out, but if you want to try and insult people, Ill insult you back. 

    I have two words for you, and they're not "happy birthday". 


Wellone,  I hope you and others simply ignore him from now on.  Imagine his frustration when no one cares to comment on his verbal diarrhea. 


oh amy you're just jealous because nobody gives a care what you write on this website:)  How many views do you get per question??


I mention that someone is overweight and I get flagged:)   Ha just like a democrat.  If they see things differently than the reality they just want to IMPEACH FLAG! "If we can't shut up Wake because we disagree with him, we will just FLAG him!"  


Dude. You complain about receiving insults then dish them out yourself?


You're not giving political points for debate, you're insulting. You are in fact acting like your despot fuhrer, typical repugnant. If you cant argue the facts insult and call names.

You're not very good at it though your insults are weak and watery, easily countered.


yes with Hearsay and "he said she said" you can debate me until you're blue in the face. That is why I tell you ITYS as much as I do!  Admit it.... I am WINNING and you are losing the argument per American politics. I KNOW what I am talking about where you are still chanting "God Save The Queen"!


You havent "talked a out" a thing, you come on here with drivel looking for a fight.

What advice did you get last week?

Dont go to an ass whooping and provide all the ass.

Good advice, you should take it 

I have been coming on this site for years.  Initially I NEVER would insult, but then people started feeling beaten because I was saying ITYS to often.  Now all they have left are insults toward me.... and yeah, if they want to resort to insults I can give them as well as take them

Again. The policy of the site is you use the flag button. However if you want to join in don't complain who started it.

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