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What is the public word out about Prince Andy and that picture of he and the teenager... along with is pedophile pals?  Guilty or Not Guilty?  He sure looks guilty as hell with that pic of he  with a broad smile on his face with his arm wrapped around a teenager...

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2 Answers

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I agree, he looks guilty. He has been relieved of all Royal Duties and his salary has been stopped. He really should be in America talking to the FBI but I guess his connections will shield him from that.

Now we find out Epstein payed off all of Fergues debts, so Andy knows shit and he needs to be talking.

No man has a  right to fix the boundary to the march of a Nation...

by (2,869,360 points)

I heard the queen cut off his allowance.  makes Brit look bad... pedophilia is disgusting, and Mr. Guilty probably does know a lot more than he is saying.  He wants another television interview to try and make himself "appear" innocent.  He should stop now while it has the potential to calm down in  a year or so...


It makes The Royal family look bad, there have been rumbles about pedos for years.

I know you're desperate to find something to make Brits look bad but Epstein was an American and it doesnt reflect on the rest of you 


I could care less about the Brits, and In fact I would have no idea about this entire scandal if an American was not involved.  I am just saying that Andy has had it!  Guilty and grounded by the queen:)


Oops you're giving yourself away there Wake boy. 

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It's not looking good for the bloke. But photos can be easily Photoshoped.

Life is what you make it.

by (3,817,301 points)

I don't know what a bloke is


A bloke is a man. Must be a brit thing.


I agree about the photoshop, but I have seen two pictures now... and they both look convincingly real


yes but the difference is our President had his arm wrapped around a beautiful ADULT!

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