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Been traveling the last 4 days, seeing family etc.  Connecting with AOR was amusing from the Hotel Got a message when trying

Site originates in Italy, Banned zone.  I was in Italy, any local site was banned as well as most from the UK.  Too funny, I am at the Airport lounge and connection is beautiful.  Thank god my phone worked, data charges were reasonable as well

Too funny

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That's not very Christmasy of them.

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A couple of years ago, i was trying to organize a trip to scotland.  My credit card company decided that no one in scotland was real a d would not pay them from the US.  I ended up going through paypal and had to get a new card.  They canceled my old one. The card company couldn't or wouldn't tell me what the trouble was.

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Blame it on Trump! He probably did it!


Told you...Brigadoon 

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Yes, It’s officially unofficial that AOR has temporarily moved to Italy! The Pope is not amused!

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