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+2 votes

In a quandary, this is a difficult question -

A. Green Eggs and Ham

B.  Are you my mother

The terrorists have asked which do most folks like.  What a better forum than here.  Please vote

in Just For Fun by (2,906,320 points)

4 Answers

+1 vote
Best answer

A. Green Eggs and Ham!

A favorite of Ted Cruz!

by (881,550 points)

The Residents vote in favor of B however!


Do you read harry Potter books? Onlt ones ive read lol


Moore. I have read them all.  Lol.  I have seen all of the movies, at least once.

+1 vote

A tonight

B tomorrow night

by (3,097,830 points)

I hate reading books. I just get bored real easy

+1 vote

I shall go with B   ...but I have not read any of the mentioned.

+1 vote cannot go wrong with green eggs and ham. 

by (1,598,670 points)
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