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This latest crisis is 100%, fully orchestrated by the Obese Orange Blob. He created it to take attention away from his impeachment. 

The only partisan here is Trump and his Uriah Heaps.

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2 Answers

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Well, I have heard it more times than once.

They would have voted for a Baboon rather than allow Lady Clinton in the White House, for Bill ole boy, to return to send-hand presidency.


And of course Obama was a person of colour. White Ameticans hate that, everytime something good and positive happens for people of colour they panic and claw back their entitlements. 

They voted in a person who hates the same way they do.

Did you hear they are stopping Amercans/ Iranians at the Canadian border?

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Bbbbut Hillary said she beat Trump before and can beat him again!

Hillary sold 20% of our Uranium she is a traitor.

The foolish Obama tried to bribe Iran with pallets of cash that most likely has paid for worldwide terror activities.

Hillary’s stupid reset button with Russia accomplished nothing!


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And she isnt the President. I get sick of hearing all these Buts in a feeble attempt at defending the orange oaf. 

It's like letting a murderer off because there is another one. 

No more whataboutary, take responsibility for your own mistake, then apologise to the world for it.


This is not whataboutery. It is simply a companion of facts.

I love when people attack Trump they disavow any history coming before him.

It is simply cause and effect. For every action there is a reaction.


I disavow nothing, read my comment properly. I clearly intimidated that just because one did it, it diesnt make it right for el fatso to also.

You always seem to forget that I can't vote for any of them, I observe the goings on and make my decisions from that 


Bbbbbut Trump sold our Democracy to Russia. There are clear details about it in the Mueller report, which shows he received foreign aide from these Russian tycoons. Thats why they attended his inauguration. Hillary did wrong, Trump did something much worse. 

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