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Please dont give me answers like love yourself and it doesnt matter what other people say.

I want to ask the following: I was always thin. In 2005 when one of my nephews was 14 years old he was over at my apartment. He saw a book that had my sisters (his mom) and my brother-in-laws (his dad) wedding pictures. When he saw a picture of me he said "you are thin". How would you take this statement? Would you take it to mean he did NOT think you were thin before he saw the picture?

This is what I cant figure out with my nephew. Since I was always thin then why would my nephew make the statement "you are thin" when he saw the picture.

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5 Answers

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The KEY WORD is ...ARE

When he went back in his mind to a younger YOU ...he saw a person that was unfamiliar to him.

Plus add how his mom and dad have discussed you over the years, he was not able to put a body image to how you looked back in the day.

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Sometimes the statement isn't loaded, it's just an offhand remark. If you asked him he'd probably say it meant nothing.

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That was 15 yrs ago. It is impossible for us to truly understand his context as we didn’t see you and the picture at the time.

You are thin is present tense. So he was speaking in the present moment.

Since you state that you were always thin, he is only stating the obvious.

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Don't take the comment too seriously.  In looking at the photos he actually had the opportunity to compare you to other family members

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In what way is he comparing me to other family members


By size

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I dont think what a 14 yr old boy said should really matter to you. That said, I dont think he was being rude.

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