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Separation of Church and State just another soundbite?

tRump has absolutely put the worlds spotlight on the U.S. and the scales are falling from our eyes.

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5 Answers

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If in doubt, do a quick prayer.

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It is a world changing event and he will definitely be remembered now. His name should not ever be spoken again and he should be denied or have have no US citizenship.

Blah Blah Blah. No matter who becomes the president we will keep on hearing his big mouth

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Well, the honoring of the above, is often required during times of dry crops and dried River or Lake Banks.

It is the same with the courts, someone has to appease the Gods, and praying reaches the Outer Limits of the Universe!

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I think if anything prayer is much needed when it comes to rulers like him.  I cannot fathom what it will be like for another 4 years of him. Who knows what he will cook up or have on his sleeve?  I can't call him president anymore;  he is a dictator.   

by (1,092,680 points)

I agree with most of that but there are many different "Gods" in the U S. and none. I dont see the prayer er being necessary 


Well, to me there is only one God, no matter what religions call Him, or what others believe.  God, Allah, Jehovah, it is the only God I believe in. Maybe separation of church and state wasn't a good thing. 


Again I agree that you believe in one God, I think I'm not making my point very clearly 


Lord, God of Abraham.


This is what you wrote that wasnt clear to me, which I should have pointed it out at first:

   <but there are many different "Gods" in the U S. and none. >



Yes, many different gods and Goddesses.

But, I have researched, many religions still have the holy trinity first and foremost.

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It's all PT Barnum, GB.  The US is a ridiculously backwards country when it comes to religion - we're still trying to get out from under the thumb of the Puritans and it's an uphill battle. Why do you think the anti-gay and anti-choice movements are so vocal here?

Our politicians need their supporters to know that "God is on OUR side" and what better way to do that than to babble platitudes to some almighty invisible guy in the sky. You know they're phonies and I know they're phonies but about 90% of the US population actually believes this crap. 

by (2,461,420 points)

You forgot about ...GODDESSES IN THE SKY!


This is why I choose to have my own way about religion and worship God privately. I have no need to congregate in a church. However many people need it for themselves for personal reasons. Organized religion has unfortunately become a bad name to many and has been criticized for different reasons. I don't condone religion as a whole, but I accept there is a higher power that does not need nor requests validation. 



I made  250 Angel cards, and can not find but 5 of them.

Guess they got thrown away with the move.

I spent hours on hours making them.

Sometimes, I simply want to cry.

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